Case Sensitivity: Survey Results

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Sat Aug 18 19:54:13 CEST 2001

On 18 Aug 2001, Martijn Faassen wrote:

>Neat survey; of course I also like it as it's similar to my own intuitions. :)
>Sheila King <sheila at> wrote:
>> Perhaps, if one were designing a language from scratch (which is no
>> longer the case with Python), it would be reasonable to adopt
>> case-insensitivity. It seems there is little benefit to be derived from
>> case-sensitivity (although some respondents felt that precision in
>> approach and thinking, richness in language and naming choices, plus
>> compiler efficiency made sensitivity preferable). So, in the interest of
>> generating fewer error messages, insensitivity may be preferable.
>There's one other potential benefit of case-sensitivity in a language,
>which would be case-consistency; just like indentation-sensitivity in
>Python results in indentation-consistency.

I don't like the idea of case-insensitive language, filesystem, etc. I
think, it is much simpler to distinguish identifiers and files with
symbols, without adding equivalence classes {A,a}, {B,b}, ... in
comparisons. This ways it is always clear that A and a are different.

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