Reloading modules into interpreter

Alex Martelli aleaxit at
Sun Aug 12 11:53:32 CEST 2001

"jsnyder" <trelis at> wrote in message
news:9l4ge0$m0q$1 at
> > But there's more!  If when you click this toolbar-button the current
> > MDI child-window in Pythonwin is one with a module being edited,
> > you don't even have the bother of the file-selection box -- it knows
> > the module you want to import or reload is specifically the one
> > in the current MDI child-window.  Nice, isn't it?-)
> I'm using IDLE v0.8 and there are no icons.  Are we referring to the same
> thing?

Of course not!  You originally said:

>>> Running from Pythonwin, I am importing a module and then calling its

If you're using IDLE, you're not "running from Pythonwin"... Pythonwin
is a different IDE from IDLE!

In IDLE, like in the text-mode Python interpreter, you have to use
the built-in function "reload(mymodule)" at the prompt.  Pythonwin
is niftier in this respect (I don't know if idle-fork has enhanced
this little but important detail).


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