Why use Python?

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But if you use VB, instead of Python (or Perl or Java), you will be helping
the "contribute to the Bill Gates financial relief fund."

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> Can somebody tell me why I would want to use Python over VB
> for Windows programming?  I've seen several comparisons between
> Python and other language but not VB yet.

With Python you don't get all the rich environment of tools
that come with VB, but you get a much better language.  And
it doesn't have to be either-or: if for example you like the
way you paint GUI's with VB (I think they look tacky, but
tastes differ), you can keep painting them that way AND still
keep your "business logic" in Python thanks to the magic of
COM.  O'Reilly's book on "Python Programming in Win32" does
a very good job covering coexistence between Python and such
other languages as VB or Delphi -- it doesn't have to be a
one-language world:-).


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