Dumb python questions

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Thu Aug 16 07:01:57 CEST 2001

brueckd at tbye.com wrote:
> On 15 Aug 2001, Paul Rubin wrote:
> > That's fair.  A consequence though is Python seems like a one-person
> > project, where Guido did a very good job on the parts he found
> > interesting, and left other parts somewhat half-baked.
> let me at least offer these few bits of advice:
> 1 - If you're new to Python, give it a chance; get a few programs under
> your belt so that your negative feelings towards some features are based
> on experience more than knee-jerk reactions.
> 2 - Try thinking Pythonically. Just because something is different in
> Python doesn't make it bad. If you really want to judge the merits of
> Python then you need to let go, as much as possible, of some
> preconceptions or notions of how things ought to be. 

To that end, check out http://www.python.org/doc/Humor.html#zen and
if you don't feel an inner sense of agreement with most of that
list, maybe Python isn't for you.  If you do, give it a chance
and you may come to see the benefits of Python the way we do, and
overlook its "curiosities" (which as Dave said, really just don't
get in the way in day-to-day programming).

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at engcorp.com

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