Perk - Python Internet Klient

Relfx relfx at
Sat Aug 11 07:03:07 CEST 2001

I'm trying to figure is client out but I'm really not sure I should extract
it to.
i'm running windows 98. Can someone help me please. Here is the link and the
information on this client from it's homepage.

Perk - Python Internet Klient:

This is release 0.1 of Perk, an IRC/mud client (with planned support for AIM
and ICQ) written in Python. Perk's biggest feature, of course, is it's
scripting language (i.e. Python, an extremely intuitive object-oriented
language that looks just like executable pseudocode). Perk also features
multiple connections using different protocols; for instance you can have an
IRC connection, a mud connection, and (eventually) ICQ running at the same
time, from the same program, using the same interface.
This version is the first to use Tk for its interface. Unfortunately this
broke the curses code used in the first release; I plan to merge it back in
in a later version.

You must have Python 1.5.2 installed beforehand. (It may work with earlier
versions, but this is currently untested and unsupported.) See the Python
homepage to get a copy. Then do

        # gunzip perk.tar.gz
        # tar -xf perk.tar

Or just tar -xzf perk.tar.gz if you have Gnu tar.
If you're running Windows, you should be able to use WinZip or something
similar to uncompress the file.

Version 0.1 (gzipped tarball, 18K)
Version 0.0000001 (first release, with curses interface; gzipped tarball,

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