Hello people. I have some questions

Chris Barker chrishbarker at home.net
Thu Aug 30 22:57:34 CEST 2001

Chris Barker wrote:

> I have no idea where you live, but I have an old Pentium 90 w/ 64MB and
> PCI bus that I would be happy to give you, if you pay for shipping from
> Seattle, WA, USA.
> It happily ran Linux for years, and got me through my dissertation. Last
> I tried, it crashed on boot with a problem with either the SCSI adapter
> or disk (it is an all-SCSI system, quite hot for it's day! Adaptec 2940
> fast wide, 1GB Fujitsu disk) I already had a new machine, so I never
> bothered to figure out what was wrong with it. IFnothing else, it should
> run fine if you slap a IDE drive in it.
> It's yours if you want it....It's sad to see it get more and more
> obsolete sitting in my closet.

OOPS, I really just meant to send that to Alex, but what the heck:
Anyone that wants it is welcome to it. You just need to pay for
shipping, or pick it up at my door in Seattle.

and-promise-you-won't-use-it-for-evil-ly yours, Chris

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