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Tomo Krajina puzz at
Mon Aug 13 09:11:10 CEST 2001

ph wuidart (ph.wuidart at je napisao/napisala:
>I am new to python
>I install python 2.1.1 to Linux Suse 7.0 (ok) and I have problem to install
>can you help me !
>Thank you

 What's the problem? Did you edit the Modules/Setup script? If no -- go
 there, find the line 
     # The _tkinter module.
 ...and the follow the comments. You must have tcl/tk version 8.0 or
 higher. On Suse 6.2 i had a little problem consisting in the fact that
 the version 8.0 was named tk8.0.h and the same for tcl8.0.h. If so,
 just copy "tk.8.0.h" to "tk.h"

puzz... :wq!

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