How to make UEdit support python?

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Fri Aug 31 00:35:29 CEST 2001

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>> How to make UEdit support python?
>Add this to your wordfile
>/L10"Python" Line Comment = #  Escape Char = \ File Extensions = PY PYC
>/Indent Strings = ":"
>/Function String = "%[ ,^t]++def[ ]+^([a-zA-Z0-9_]+[ ,^t]++([a-zA-Z0-
>9_,="' ]++)^):"
>/Delimiters = []{}()<>="'.,:+  
>/C1"Reserved Words"
>and assert
>class continue
>def del
>elif else except exec
>finally for from
>if import in is
>pass print
>raise range return
>/C2"Built-in Functions"
>abs apply
>callable chr cmp coerce compile complex
>delattr dir divmod
>eval execfile
>filter float
>getattr globals group
>hasattr hash hex
>id input int intern isinstance issubclass
>len list local long
>max min match
>oct open ord
>raw_input reduce reload repr round
>search setattr slice str splitfields
>tuple type
>__abs__ __add__ __and__
>__call__ __cmp__ __coerce__ 
>__del__ __delattr__ __delitem__ __delslice__ __div__ __divmod__
>__getattr__ __getitem__ __getslice__
>__hash__ __hex__
>__invert__ __int__ __init__
>__len__ __long__ __lshift__
>__mod__ __mul__
>__neg__ __nonzero__
>__oct__ __or__
>__pos__ __pow__
>__radd__ __rdiv__ __rdivmod__ __rmod__ __rpow__ __rlshift__ __rrshift__ 
>__rshift__ __rsub__ __rmul__ __repr__
>__rand__ __rxor__ __ror__
>__setattr__ __setitem__ __setslice__ __str__ __sub__
>__methods__ __members__
>ArithmeticError AssertionError AttributeError
>EOFError Exception
>IOError ImportError IndexError
>KeyError KeyboardInterrupt
>StandardError SyntaxError SystemError SystemExit
>/C6"Common Libs"
>BaseHTTPServer Bastion
>cmd commands compileall copy 
>CGIHTTPServer Complex
>dbhash dircmp dis dospath dumbdbm
>find fmt fnmatch ftplib
>getopt glob gopherlib grep
>htmllib httplib
>ihooks imghdr 
>linecache lockfile 
>macpath macurl2path mailbox mailcap
>mimetools mimify mutex math 
>newdir ni nntplib ntpath nturl2path
>os ospath
>pdb pickle pipes poly popen2 posixfile posixpath profile pstats pyclbr 
>rand random regex regsub rfc822 
>sched sgmllib shelve site sndhdr string sys snmp 
>SimpleHTTPServer StringIO SocketServer 
>tb tempfile toaiff token tokenize traceback tty types tzparse 
>urllib urlparse util uu 
>UserDict UserList
>wave whatsound whichdb whrandom
>struct self

I wanted to see class names in the function list window (for situations
where I have several classes with similar methods), so I added the
following to my wordfile.

/Function String 2 = "%[ ,^t]++class++[ ]+[a-zA-Z0-9_]+[ ,%t]++:"

Ian Parker

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