Necessary Python stuff on Sun

Richard Jones richard at
Wed Aug 29 07:37:06 CEST 2001

On Wednesday 29 August 2001 15:13, Doug Farrell wrote:
> For various reasons I put the Python source tar file in /usr/local/bin on
> my Sun Solaris 2.6 machine in order to compile it and get it running. Now
> I've got it running and I'd like to move the necessary libaries and runtime
> stuff to another machine. First off can anyone tell me if putting the
> source tar file in /usr/local/bin was a bad idea and if so why?

Convention dictates that you put source in /usr/local/src and compile there. 
At the end of the build process, you use "make install" to have all the 
install files copied to their appropriate places (/usr/local/bin, 
/usr/local/lib, etc). The build process is described in the README that comes 
with the source tar. 

> Now that it's
> done, how can I extract just the stuff I need to run Python on another
> Solaris 2.6 machine?

You should be able to copy the source tree (that which was untarred from the 
source tar file) and all the bits and pieces under that tree to the other 
machine and use "make install" there to install it. It's probably safer to 
actually rebuild from scratch on the other machine though, unless the 
hardware and operating system is identical.


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