Adding print-style function calls, and preproc plugins

Richard Jones richard at
Thu Aug 30 08:42:33 CEST 2001

On Thursday 30 August 2001 15:23, Gerson Kurz wrote:
> 2) It would be nice if you could insert "preprocessor plugins" in the
> python interpreter: python scripts, that preprocess the text before
> interpreted. You can always add eval()/exec() statements to your code,
> but it would be nice if they were to be added automatically. Then, a
> syntax change like the one described in 1) could be easily added to
> the interpreter for those who would like to have it. But, maybe thats
> already possible and I only don't know of it ?

I'm not sure it's exactly what you want, but have a look at the rexec module 
in the standard library...


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