Installing packages into PythonWin

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Fri Aug 24 22:07:48 CEST 2001

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> On Thu, 23 Aug 2001 17:39:44 -0700, "Brian Quinlan"
> <BrianQ at> wrote:
> :> I am having trouble installing a package (specifically the
> :> Python Imaging Library) into PythonWin. Copying the files
> :> into the Lib/sites-packages directory did not install the
> :> PIL automatically, I eventully got it to work by manually
> :> adding the PIL location to the Python path. I am sure that
> :> the sites-packages trick worked on the generic (ie non
> :> Active State) Python distribution, and it adds directories
> :> to the Python path depending on the contents of and files
> :> with extension .pth that are in the sites-packages
> :> directory.
> :
> :site-packages is not part of the Python path on Windows. There is a
> :PEP that is scheduled for Python 2.2 that seeks to rectify that but
> :you will have to hack around it for now:
> :
> I believe people generally drop their packages into the top-level
> Python directory.  That's where my PIL, Numeric, Scientific, and other
> things went.  Since that's a little harder to maintain, the PEP seeks
> to allow putting them in home of their own.  I wouldn't necessarily go
> hacking on to implement the PEP, every time I've done that
> I've forgotten about it when I move code to a new system.
> Mats Wichmann
That's what is for: you can usually port that form version
to version quite easily.


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