Hello people. I have some questions

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> >I've heard about python and i thought that it coulb be a nice language
> >me to use. is it true that it can be used in every O.S.?
> >I'm programming in vb now, and i'd like to know if python looks a little
> >like it. If someone knows vb, can he translate this vb sentice into a
> >sentice: naam =   inputbox ("What's your name?", vbokonly, "Hekllo")
> >Is python hard to learn? And is there a dutch person in this group? If
> >is one, can he/she tell me if there any dutch books about python.
> >Could you please answer my questions?
> The bad news is Python does not include an integrated GUI with a nice
> graphical builder and all that. Hence if you use Visual Basic mostly for
> simple GUIs than you may find Python a bit of a struggle. However,
> Python does talk to various GUI tool kits (as others have mentioned).
> Since it sounds like you've been doing windows programming, I recommend
> starting with wxPython (and there are some GUI builders for that, none
> of which I've used). wxPython works on under various windows and unix
> variants, and may eventually run on the Mac.
You should also be aware that the integration betwen Python and Windows is
so strong, thanks in large part to Mark Hammond, that you can quite easily
write programs in Python and have them communicate with GUI fornt ends
written in VB. "Programming Python on Win32", by Mark Hammond and Andy
Robinson, has some great integration examples in it.

Get stuck in. The more you do, the more you'll like Python.


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