Installing mod_python.dll under Apache

Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams ignacio at
Mon Aug 20 21:07:07 CEST 2001

On Mon, 20 Aug 2001 paul at wrote:

> I've read a simialr thread on installing python under cgi but I want
> to Python installed with the module so I can use Python in-line with
> the html, like PHP.
> I have downloaded mod_python.dll and it is now successfully loading
> but when I goto a .py file the contents of the .py file are printed
> to screen and not processed by Python.
> Do I need to add the AddType line? if so how would the line look?
> please help, it's been bugging me for 2 days now.
> regards,
> pgudge

I took a look at mod_python myself because I was interested in not having the
interpreter loaded each time. What I discovered was that mod_python does NOT
work in a method similar to mod_php. Read
and take a look at the part at the bottom that reads 'Some food for thought'.
I have been thinking of using FastCGI instead, but haven't got around to it

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