Python COM local server as .exe possible?

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Tue Aug 21 14:49:31 CEST 2001

Wayne wrote: 

> "Bill Bell" <bill-bell at> wrote in message
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>> Can someone tell if I can expect to do this conversion with py2exe, 
>> freeze or another products of this kind? 


> I don't know if I understood what you are trying to do, create an .exe
> from your .py COM server?  I used when I need to make a
> .exe, it should work with COM and the win32 extensions.

Release 4 makes it easy to to COM *clients* (although I plan on
cleaning up the code that does this in the near future), including
the EnsureModule stuff (generating dynamically on the client).

COM *servers* are a completely different story.

You can do them (with Standalone and py2exe), but you need to 
rewrite most of the top-level code in the server (the register /
unregister / invoke stuff), because most of Mark's "automatic"
code doesn't work unless the server is a script.

Thomas Heller posted an example of how to do it with py2exe 
sometime this spring. Something similar works with Standalone.

My starship pages are hideously out of date. Use

- Gordon

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