constant in python?

Bernd Nawothnig Bernd.Nawothnig at
Mon Aug 20 01:05:51 CEST 2001

On 19 Aug 2001 12:23:17 -0700, Paul Rubin <phr-n2001 at> wrote:

>  Bernd.Nawothnig at (Bernd Nawothnig) writes:
>> Access restriction should never be used to arbitrarily prevent a user from
>> performing a task. The only idea behind restriction is to hide internal
>> details for having more stable code. 

> That ignores a whole class of applications which run potentially malicious
> code, such as mobile code.  If Visual Basic had good access restriction
> features, we might not see nearly so many computer viruses spreading
> through MS Outlook and Word documents 

Everthing of worth has to be sacrificed to prevent M$ from taking world
dominion and it's catastrophic impact? The real problem is a program like
OjE which allows such viruses to work. Otherwise nobody would even see this

I don't know a virus which can infect my newsreader slrn (open source) - it
should be simply not possible to write one. And this restriction makes
obviously sense. It should not be possible for an article (or an email) to
do anything harmfull. And this will only work if the author has the will
(and the ability) to forbid it. Strictly. Ok, in case of this word documents
you have to do nothing but _not_ to be so highly foolish as M$ to allow such
a mechanism to work. These people integrate an interpreter and let him say:
"Welcome my dear unknown code - what shall I do for You?" - unbelievable.


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