Newbie question Python on Windows ME

Gillou nospam at
Thu Aug 16 18:50:42 CEST 2001

The code executes then exits so fast you can't see the console output.
Either launch a console, cd to your script directory and:

Alternate solution: end your script with this line :
dummy = raw_input('done!')

Will wait you hit return

"stefan" <s.franke at> a écrit dans le message news:
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> Hi,
> I started to read about Python today in my lunchbreak... I downloaded
> Python-2.1.1.exe from, ran the installer and played
> around with the DOS-promt-like looking window (the one with the
> ">>>"). As a next step I put my Python code into a file with the
> ending ".py". Then I clicked on the little snake icon of this file but
> actually nothing happened apart from the DOS-promt-like looking window
> popping up for one second and then closing again.
> Should these files be executed in some other way? I couldn't find
> anything on this issue in the tutorials so I hope that someone here
> can help me.
> Are there any tutorials for beginners on the internet that are
> specifically written for Windows?
> Thank you,
> Stefan

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