Help! I am cut off from Python beyond Verson 2.0.

Konrad Koller konrad.koller at
Sun Aug 12 08:01:14 CEST 2001

Unfortunately Python is weak in supporting MIDI. As far as I know
midipy.pyd is the only module in the world of Python which makes
realtime playing of algorithmically composed music possible. The
module was provided in Jan 2001 for Python2.0 by simon2 at
Almost all my programs rely on this module. After having switched to
Python2.1 I get the following import error:

>From midipy import getMidiOutDevice,....
Import Error: Module use of python20.dll conflicts with this version
of Python.

The author of announced to provide an update for Python2.1,
but this did not happen. Unfortunately in the meantime he has left the
Highschool for Arts in Utrecht (URL: and
cannot reached anymore and as a consequence I am cut off of any
further development of Python beyond version 2.0.
In january in addition to his midipy.pyd the author had provided a
midipy.cpp which wants to have included
Did somebody get an updated version of the module or can someone give
any help resp. hint how to make midipy.pyd useable beyond Python2.0 ?

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