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Chris Barker chrishbarker at
Thu Aug 23 19:02:02 CEST 2001

Fumari wrote:
> Ive been starting to learn Python by looking over some tuts linked from
> the offical site.  Now it seems to me Python is like perl as in the
> system must have perl installed in order to run the program?


is this
> correct, in python you right out the code then command line it?

no. Python byte-compiles the code, and then interprets it. IF a given
module is already byte compiled (*.pyc files) then it uses that

> there a way to make an exe file?

yes. There are a few ways to build a single executable from your Pythn
code. All of these methods (except Py2C, which seems to be in stalled
development) essentially bundle up your code with a Python interpreter.
This does make it easier to distribute a program to folks that are not
using Python for other things, or are using a different version.

look for freeze, Py2exe, and Gordon MacMillian's Installer on the web.
(i'm sure someone can provide you with link, I'm just feeling lazy at
the moment.


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