Deposing Dictators

Frank "Mr. Bleary" Lomax lomax at
Fri Aug 3 04:46:16 CEST 2001

    >> Considering that I write 10k-50k lines of Python a day . . .

    > Fifty thousand lines?  Okay, assume each line has two words,
    > that's 100,000 words.  Now assume you type at 100 words per
    > minute, and never stop to think.  That's *over 16 hours* of
    > typing.  Per day.

    > Are you counting blank lines here?  Maybe counting code reuse?
    > Do you never sleep?

First, you must realize that sleep is a corporatist plot.  They want
you to sleep so that They can sell you all kinds of unnecessary
consumer products like "pillows" (really brain squashing devices),
"night lights" (bioluminescent retina scanners and greed-dream
inducing machines), and "blankies" (hitch-hiking freedom thumb
nubilizers).  Saint Nancy Reagan almost had it right:

    "Sleep, just say no"

Second, when you nightly eat as much pasta and pork rinds as I do, you
occasionally fall into a stupor that appears as sleep to uninitiated
outside observers.  For those situations, I have perfected the art of
"sleep-hacking" (or, more correctly, "trance-hacking").

A drop or two of Elmers on the palms, the insertion of the neck
stabilizers down my custom fitted swine-bib, and my hands stay nicely
centered on the home row while the blood flees my brain in buckets for
the throbbing warm center of my wheat-and-pig digesting stomach.  When
I shake myself up from this catatonia 12 hours later, I find that I've
written well close to 70-80k words.  So you can clearly see that I am
much more productive in this state than in my "normal" waking and
moving around state, where I have to deal with other unfortunate
biological urges.

still-trying-to-perfect-my-sleep/eat-clone-ly y'rs, - frank

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