Progress on missing features?

Dinu Gherman dinu at
Tue Aug 14 18:24:18 CEST 2001


given the recent burst of new features in Python I do wonder 
what happend to those that are missing from Python for a 
long while now? I'm listing here only these:

  - interfaces
  - class methods
  - type indicators (opt.)

Being aware of the class/type unification announced for
before Python 3000, I'm not listing this one above.

The first two could be considered quite important for ma-
king the language more complete in terms of object orien-
tation. (Better information hiding might be another topic,
but it seems like this is broadly considered non-Pythonic
in the Python community.)

I'm just curious if there has been any progress on any of 
these as I'm not following all SIGs that might be dealing 
with them or not, but notice a peak of activites in other
domains of language development.



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