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Jeff Shannon jeff at
Thu Aug 23 18:56:47 CEST 2001

Markus Schaber wrote:

> Hi,
> Jeff Shannon <jeff at> schrub:
> >>>> import math
> >>>> x = 2
> >>>> y = math.exp(2)
> >>>> y
> > 7.3890560989306504
> Another way would be:
> >>> from math import exp
> >>> exp(2)
> 7.38905609893
> >>>
> As you know, there's always _one_ obvious way to do it, but this only
> way may have just lots of lanes :-)

True, though I think the phrase was "at least one, and preferably only one",
but that's splitting hairs.  :)

Personally, I greatly prefer the original, explicit form--it's much easier
to read and keep track of, especially when trying to read a longish script
written by someone else (and as a side benefit, is more amenable to reload()
if that is ever necessary).  So I would try to encourage people, especially
newbies, to use that form rather than "from x import y", and strongly
discourage "from x import *" of course.  :)  Of course this is personal
opinion, and there are specific cases where these guidelines do not apply,
but then, there's an exception to every rule...

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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