newbie: activepython extensions, win32, COM

Kenneth Tsang smt at
Tue Aug 28 04:34:12 CEST 2001

Hi, I am a newbie in Python and is now testing out some windows programming
using wxPython. I am currently going through the wxPython from O'Reilly, and
found that COM support in windows is required.

Please advice which of the extension I need to download/install, thanks.

Currently I am using
a)Python 2.1.1 download from

I have also seen support from ActivePython(as below), however, please advice
which of the following I need to download, I believe it's either the first
or second one...Thanks.

ActivePython Extensions: win32all

win32all.exe, build 140 (3.5 Mb) (for use with PythonLabs Python 2.1)
win32all.exe, build 138 (3.5 Mb) (for use with BeOpen Python 2.0)
win32all.exe, build 136 (3.3 Mb) (for use with CNRI Python 1.5.2)

cheers, Kenneth
Kenneth Tsang
email: smt at tel: +852 9468 4772

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