Win95: "Corrupt intallation detected." - cause known, solution needed

Tim Peters at
Fri Aug 24 21:31:45 CEST 2001

> ...
> You need to be administrator to install on Win2K or Win NT.

FYI, at least on Win2K this should no longer be true, starting with the new
2.2a2 installer (released on Wednesday).  I've run successful Win2K 2.2a2
installs on a Win2K box under a plain default User (not Administrator, not
Power User) account.  In that case it installs the Python and MSVC DLLs
under the Python directory instead of in a system directory, and registers
file extensions under HKCU\Software\Classes instead of under HKCR (which
latter requires at least Power User privs under default 2K policies).

But I'm sure it will break again under Windows XP <0.5 wink>.

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