how do i make a grapical thingie?

jeroen paul goudsmit hcj.goudsmit at
Fri Aug 31 22:22:59 CEST 2001

Thabk you so much.I think there's something wrong with my python then.
"Sheila King" <sheila at> schreef in bericht
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> On Fri, 31 Aug 2001 20:06:06 GMT, "jeroen paul goudsmit"
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> :It's very nice of you that you gave me that site, but it don't works.. I
> :don't know why, i exactly wrote the lines from that site. I really get
> :if it don't works. You go to a site and, it don't works.  That's
> :Not your fault. I only say that the site sucks, cause it don't works.
> But that site "does work". The instructions on that site are correct,
> and that is a classic site to be referred to for instruction on Tkinter.
> If you are following the instructions exactly, then something is not
> right with your set up.
> Otherwise, maybe you are not following the instructions exactly.
> With what information you are posting here, it is very hard for us to
> tell what is wrong.
> Give us a complete script, or a better yet, a complete copy and paste of
> an interactive session from the time you start up the interpreter to the
> time of the error messages. And include the error messages exactly as
> printed by the Python interpreter (i.e. copy and past them. Do not
> re-type them in your own words).
> Referring you to a different site for instruction would not help. If the
> directions you copied didn't work from that site, they won't work from
> another site, either.
> --
> Sheila King

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