List or Dictionairy or neither?

Andrae Muys amuys at
Fri Aug 24 05:17:49 CEST 2001

Dietmar Lang <dietmar at> wrote in message news:<3B84B46D.9B6831EF at>...
> Hey, that sounds rather good to me. I'll think about the database, too.
> But somehow I like this 'homemade' approach a little better. ;-)

Now my curiosity is piqued.  Why would you possibly prefer the
non-standard, probably less efficient, more complicated, and probably
buggier "write your own database" solution over the far simpler "use

Is it just a case of NIH syndrome?  Or is there a real reason to do it
that way?

I really am interested in your reasoning, as I see this sort of
response alot, and it always puzzles me.

Andrae Muys

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