win32comm - back by popular demand (sort of)

Willy Heineman wheineman at
Wed Aug 1 06:31:31 CEST 2001

Due to overwhelming requests (1 or 2 every 6 months or so)
I'm releasing a new version of win32comm compatible with Python 2.1.1
at .
>From the README:

As I've said in the comp.lang.python group, I don't recommend anyone
use this, instead install Mark Hammond's Windows Extensions to Python,
which you can
find at Mark's latest release has all of the
functionality provided by win32comm and more (as well as better). 
Read the docs for the win32file module included in the Windows 
Extensions to appreciate my advice.
 So why would you want to use win32comm? The only reason
I can think of is if you don't want to install the Windows 
Extensions. The win32comm module provides all that's required to
do simple reading and writing to Win32 serial ports. See the file in the demo directory for an example
demonstrating the use of the win32comm module without any other
imports. In addition, the win32comm module continues to 
interoperate with the Windows Extensions as demonstrated in the file in the demo directory.
 Finally, due to popular demand (those 3 or 4 I mentioned above), 
I've included the source files in the src directory of this archive. 
The only files required are the MS Visual C++ project files and the 
win32comm_wrap.c file. I generated the win32comm_wrap.c file with
Swig and made some minor modifications. I've also included the
win32comm.h file that I created to generate the Swig bindings and
the constants.h file I used to generate the Python constants. 
You'll need MS Visual C++ 6.0 or better. Be sure to modify the 
project settings to point to your Python installation directories.

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