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Mon Aug 20 03:26:37 CEST 2001

David Allen wrote:

> In article <3B7B8A72.4E9089A7 at>, "Ralf Claus"
> <ralf.claus at> wrote:
>> how can I give a "subject" to smtplib ?
> Putting "Subject:  Foobar!!!!" as the very first line of the message
> body should do the trick.  Of course, that has nothing to do with
> smtplib, but SMTP itself.

You mean "it has nothing to do with either smtplib or SMPT but 
RFC(2)822 instead." That's right. Also keep in mind that the From:, the 
To: and CC: headers are things that SMTP _does not add_ to the message 

Robert Amesz

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