Python users

Maan Hamze mmhamze at
Wed Aug 22 05:08:35 CEST 2001

Check out
If you are using Windows, you may want to install the windows distribution
also that comes with a nice windows IDE.  You can find this at:

Also, check
and search for Python under Books.
Learning Python and Python Internet Programming are good introductory books.
A more advanced one is Programming Python by Mark Lutz
Good luck with your endeavours, and I am sure with a bit of work and
patience, Python is a language you'll LOVE :)

"Kim C Tran" <KCT at> wrote in message
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> Hi all,
> I'm really new to python language, where is the best place to learn ??
>  and where can I find the latest of Pythonwin for python2.1 ??
> Any help really appreciated,
> Kim,

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