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Roman Suzi rnd at
Sat Aug 11 08:24:00 CEST 2001

On 10 Aug 2001, Josh wrote:

>I need help installing the .TGZ file that's distributed at
>I have the base .EXE running, but I'm stumped for answers concerning
>what to do with this file. I have WinZip 8.0, and my OS is Win98 SE.

That is a problem indeed. I thought WinZip handles tar.gz...
You can search ( ) to find many variants of
untar and ungzip.

>(I would be running Mandrake, but my parents are attached to Windows.
>The teenage years really are traumatic...)

Then do it while they are shopping :-) They hopefully will not notice LILO
(just do not forget to make Windows default)
One of my pupils made just that.
(For parents teenage children are also traumatic, mind you.)

DISCLAIMER: the above is not serious advice to follow. If you are under 18
then DO NOT FOLLOW ADVICE GIVEN as I do not want to be jailed for whatever
American lawyers will find wrong (if you are from America or another state
with similar laws).

>Also, where do I unzip the file? Any help would be
>appreciated, and I wouldn't be asking this question if the UseNet
>search had turned up anything helpful, so I apologize for polluting
>the board with lame questions.

Could you be more specific what are you trying to accomplish?
As I understood, you have already installed Python.
Could you give complete filenames?

>P.S. If you didn't gather this from my first post on the board, I'm a

There is also Python Tutor list which is completely for newbies (even
newbies with several years of Python experience).

You can post your questions there. comp.lang.python is also proper place.
But in huge traffic some questions could remain without answers.
Also, please read wodreful Python documentation and Python FAQ.
These will answer many questions newbie could have.

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