Dumb python questions

Paul Rubin phr-n2001 at nightsong.com
Sun Aug 19 10:25:52 CEST 2001

"Alex Martelli" <aleax at aleax.it> writes:
> If I felt severely limited by Python's struct package, I'd see it
> as an occasion to hack on it to extend it to my liking -- then one
> can submit the enhanced struct for inclusion into Python and/or
> just publish it on Parnassus or somewhere.  (That's assuming one's
> a C hacker, but, as gawk's original author, I would definitely
> believe you must be!-).
> The fact that struct is a separate module means all you have to
> grok for the hacking is 1200 lines of code in structmodule.c,
> and the reasonably-clean Python C API -- a far sight from
> having to hack the internals of a large program... that's
> always gonna be hairier.

Thanks, I might extend the struct package as a contribution to Python
if you think the maintainers are likely to take the change.  It's
something of a pain though.  It probably is too late to get it into
2.2, I don't know how much longer after that 2.3 would be, and after
2.3 is released it will take a while for all the OS ports to be
completed and a while after that before most users upgrade.

Putting something on Parnassus doesn't really help much.  The idea is
to be able to publish Python code that uses the new features, and have
users be able to run it without depending on special C modules.  I
don't even have access to C compilers for all the OS's I want the code
to run on.

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