Case insensitivity

Tim Rowe digitig at
Fri Aug 3 22:58:00 CEST 2001

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danb at (Dan Bergan) wrote:

> I'm a newbie to python (and I love it!), but I've also worked a lot in 
> C and
> Visual Basic.  I've been coding a lot of VB lately, and I've really 
> gotten
> to like the fact that the IDE will automatically correct the case of the
> variables.  I have found that it actually speeds up my development time 
> a
> bit.  Here is how I use it:
> (Declare the variable in mixed-case)
> Dim myVariable as Integer
> (then I purposely type in the wrong case when I use 'myVariable')
> myvaraible = 1  '<==TYPO!
> If the IDE does not fix my case, I know I have made a typo.  The 
> compiler
> would have caught this eventually (I use VB's 'option explicit' to 
> force me
> to declare my variables), but it makes for faster programming to fix it
> immediately.  Not a huge time saver, but I like it.  On the other hand, 
> I
> suppose I could just learn to type!  :-)

I do that too, but it only works in VB because you have declared the 
variable. I think that introducing such things to Python is to change the 
language so much that it would no longer be Python.

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