Python + Windows + Webserver

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Wed Aug 22 00:24:48 CEST 2001

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> On Sat, 11 Aug 2001 20:03:39 +0200, "Chris Eidhof" <chris at>
> wrote:
> >Hello, I'm looking for a *simple* way to set up a webserver under win98,
> >webserver must handle python scripts. I've tried apache, but it didn't
> A *simple* webserver in python :
> ---- snip begin ----
> from SimpleHTTPServer import *
> test()
> ---- snip end ----
> Its in your \python21\lib, hehe.
> On the other hand: Apache works fine with python (at least on Windows
> 2000). Can you explain what didn't work ? If you've tried mod_python
> (from you cannot easily bind "standard CGI" scripts
> because mod_python has a different syntax (you're dealing
> with apache requests etc.)

You might also like to know that I've had very good results with Xitami on
Win98. It's pretty much plug and play, and drives Python CGI quite
beautifully (as long as you can accept the per-script interpreter startup).
It also handles Python long-running web processes well (Robin Dunn was
involved in Xitami's origins), and drives Webware well, though not as well
as it will when I get round to writing a purpose-built adapter.

Give it a try:


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