old contrib repository (was Re: Real.py)

Hernan M. Foffani hfoffani at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 25 17:42:14 CEST 2001

"Tim Peters" <tim.one at home.com> wrote:
> I expect it's the "editorial" process that's the real pain here:  digging
> thru 400 files and figuring out which are worth preserving.  I have a

400! gulp! :-)

> copy of the archive on my home box, and it's 25 MB.  The size isn't as
> bad as it sounds, since e.g. 7 MB of that is old versions of Interscript
> and 2.5 MB is old versions of SWIG, but there are still 100s of files to
> plow thru.

I can do some initial "editing", only for the big ones to reduce the
bulk, looking if they have an actual site (in parnassus, for instance).
Of course, I can't evaluate the quality of the contribution, nor if
it run or not in python version X.X.X
My "stay or go" call will be based on: is it large and have another


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