A survey of Python IDEs

Boudewijn Rempt boudewijn at tryllian.com
Fri Aug 17 09:56:43 CEST 2001

Andrew Dalke wrote:

> Alan Green wrote:
>>1. IDLE
>>2. IDLEfork
>>3. PythonWin
>>4. Komodo
>>5. PythonWorks Pro
>>6. BlackAdder
>>7. VisualPython
> You left out
> 8. Wing IDE from http://archaeopteryx.com/
>>All of these IDEs have a debugger.
> Yep.
>>None support multi-threaded
>>debugging :-(, although the VisualPython documentation threatens to.
> They also threaten it, at
> http://archaeopteryx.com/wingide/future

There should be appearing shortly an update of my IDE survey on InformIT - 
giving details on Komodo and BlackAdder. I rather like BlackAdder myself 
(which shouldn't surprise anyone), but I think that Wing IDE is currently
the most powerful IDE available.

On the other hand, having been forced to write a book on BlackAdder and 
PyQt in Emacs meant that I had to learn the Big Monster, and I found it 
works just as well for Python as it does for SGML and Java, and nowadays I 
use little else.

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