Python Is Really Middleware

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Sun Aug 5 00:50:23 CEST 2001

"Chris Tavares" wrote: 

> Really? I don't have the docs handy right now, but I distinctly
> remember there being a specific exception in the Bison license to deal
> with this exact problem - you're allowed to use the Bison generated
> code & parser engine in whatever you want, no GPL restrictions apply.
> Unless the license has changed in the last five years, anyway.

According to the 1995 edition of lex & yacc 'Parsers generated with bison 
are subject to the GNU "copyleft" software license ... If you plan to use 
bison to develop a program distributed to tohers, be sure to check the file 
COPYING included in the bison distribution to see if you agree to the 

Unless the license has changed in the last six years, anyway.

- Gordon

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