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Fri Aug 3 06:42:14 CEST 2001

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> > ChuckEsterbrook at (Chuck Esterbrook) writes:
> > > The *ML camp uses XML or XML-like tags for all instructions and
> > > substitutions. These include ZPT, Ehydra and others. There is a *ML
> > > like kit for Webware, but I don't think any serious time was put into
> > > it, hence it is hard to recommend (for Webware).
> You might be referring to my package, which I would like to develop
> further if I only had the time. I get the feeling that it's too
> different from what people expect in a template system, though.

Actually I was referring to "TALKit" which I think was an attempt to
have something like ZPT for Webware. (I think.)

I actually forgot that XMLForms could be used for templating, which
you pointed out earlier, and hence, wasn't thinking of it. I suppose
the name throws me off.

> > I've become quite fond of PTL's Python-based syntax.  Here's an
> > explanation of why (quoting from a not-yet-public article):
> > 
> >         This syntax is quite different from most HTML templating
> >         languages, which usually look like HTML with magical
> >         delimiters (e.g. <%...%>, <?...?>, <!--#... -->) sprinkled
> Horrible, isn't it? ;-)

In Cheetah, the only escape code for substitution is $. The only code
for directives like "if" and "for" is #. Therefore, Cheetah doesn't
suffer from the problem that PTL is solving (for ASP, JSP, PHP, etc.)

> What would be interesting is a template environment where one can
> visualise the final form of the template and interact with it, without
> having to go through stages of rebuilding and refreshing it, along
> with the potential of the document "breaking" and requiring low-level
> intervention.

A GUI IDE for Templates? Interesting.

> I thought that W3C's Amaya might lend itself to such applications, but
> that just has to be added to my list of things that I would like to do
> if I only had the time.

Hey, I've got one of those too!



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