Which XML library to use?

Preston Landers pibble at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 8 19:01:56 CEST 2001

Martin von Loewis <loewis at informatik.hu-berlin.de> wrote in message news:<j4itfyx0g4.fsf at informatik.hu-berlin.de>...
> pibble at yahoo.com (Preston Landers) writes:
> > We could probably continue to use the PyXML 0.5.x release, except
> > we've found it won't work very well in Windows with Python 2.1.  (It
> > seems to work fine on Unix...)
> I'm surprised that it does, because there is an xml package in Python
> 2.1, so your PyXML 0.5 installation should not be visible.

It is if you set $PYTHONPATH manually. ;-)

> > Basically, I'm trying to decide between the first two options and need
> > some help.
> > Which is "recommended" set of XML libraries? The ones now included
> > with Python 2.1.1 or the PyXML 0.6.6 release?
> You did not explain much what features exactly your application
> uses. If the SAX interfaces on top of pyexpat, or minidom, is enough
> for your needs, I recommend to go with the code in the Python
> libraries. If you need a full DOM, or xmlproc, I recommend to use
> PyXML 0.6.6.

We do need full DOM support, plus the built-in XML packages seem to
have changed the interface for xml.sax.saxlib, but PyXML 0.6.x leaves
that intact. So what we've decided to do is go ahead and use PyXML
0.6.6, mainly because of the enhanced DOM support.

Thanks for your helpful response!

Preston Landers

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