Tim Peters at
Fri Aug 24 07:16:31 CEST 2001

[Alex Martelli]
> Hmmm, there definitely seems to have been some major recent
> restructuring of and all of its mirrors -- I
> can't find anywhere either.

When got rehosted about a month ago, a decision was made to drop
the old contrib directories.  They hadn't been maintained or updated in a
couple of years, and huge steaming mounds of the content appeared to have
become irrelevant (or worse) in the interim.  Most of the few things of real
value are better gotten elsewhere now (e.g., John Skaller's Interscript has
a home on SourceForge now; doctest is now in the std library; and so on).

Unfortunately, there are at least a few cool packages that lived only there,
like Jurjen's N.E. Bos's amazingly compact implementation of the
constructive reals.  Nothing I can do about that, but if some group from the
community would like to sift through all of it and provide a new home for
the parts worth salvaging, I bet we could talk Guido into handing over an
archive tarball.

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