Python 2.1 quick reference

Tom Loredo loredo at
Wed Aug 15 23:12:05 CEST 2001

Simon Brunning wrote:
> > From: Tom Loredo [SMTP:loredo at]
> > BTW, I *really* miss the table of contents from the old version
> > (a whole page with headings & subheadings and PAGE NUMBERS).  I keep
> > the printed copy by my desk (where it doesn't take up any screen
> > real estate!) and this made it a lot easier to navigate through.
> Tom,
> Which old version is this? Not one that I have ever seen...

Oops, sorry.  I was confusing it with the "Python language quick reference"
by John Shipman available only as PostScript/PDF:

I like both of the quick references; thanks to both of you for all the
hard work to make a Pythoner's life easier!


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