Dictionary viewer and editor

Rupert Scammell rupe at metro.yak.net
Fri Aug 10 23:06:27 CEST 2001


Are there any programs out there that can take in a dictionary object
of arbitrary depth, and display it in a text or graphical tree format?
For example, a set of nested dictionaries in the form:

my_dict = {'temperature': {'maximum': 100, 'minimum': 32}, 'humidity':
{'current': 63, 'minimum': 42}}

Would be displayed in a form something like:

    |   |_ maximum: 100
    |   |_ minimum: 32
       |_ current: 63
       |_ minimum: 42

I took a cursory look around VoP, but didn't see anything.  I could
always just write it, but want to make sure that I'm not re-inventing
the wheel first.
Ideally I'd like a system that'd display a dictionary in this tree
form, then allow you to edit parts of the tree interactively.  If
anyone can point me to one component or the other, I'd be most


--- Rupert

Rupert Scammell
rupe at metro.yak.net

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