Hello people. I have some questions

Joal Heagney s713221 at student.gu.edu.au
Wed Aug 29 16:16:22 CEST 2001

jeroen paul goudsmit wrote:
> So, python simply is the best language ever.
> Ok i heard engough. It's time to get python for me. You just can buy  it in
> a shop, can't you? Are all the special thingies included? Nwa, i'm just
> going to try it! I guess you'll see me here a lot the coming months.

If you have internet connection, download it for almost-free from
All the standard libraries are included with python, and they're pretty
comprehensive. The extensions you may later become interested in are:

PIL - python image library. Very cool if you need to play with images.
Numeric - stronger, faster, better numerical arrays - only REALLY needed
if you're a computational physisist/chemist/other_weeny_type_like_me.

wxPython, pygtk, pyqt, pyfox etc. - a whole slather of GUI programming
libraries. A perfectly decent GUI ships with python, Tkinter, and on
windows you've got the hooks into the windows GUI.

*chuckles* After you master the basic syntax, the next learning curve is
to learn all the names of the python modules that provide what you want.

Watch the news group, especially responses to other beginners like you
are, and *grins* keep a python interpreter window open so you can try
out responses for yourself. Welcome!
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