Threads, namespaces, and the immortal event

Donn Cave donn at
Sat Aug 11 01:03:53 CEST 2001

Quoth mike wakerly <mike-list at>:
| My code is something like this below. (The code I am 
| working on may have subtle differences, which may be 
| the problem, but I have poured over almost all week 
| without success.. maybe someone will notice 
| something, like my foolish presumptions/bad habits 
| from other languages <grin>).

I'm abbreviating this so much, because I tried the code you
posted, and either it doesn't run or, modified slightly,
it runs and works like I think you would expect.  (I made
"a_subclass" inherit from threading.Thread.)

Don't feel that you must post the exact code you're working
on, but why don't you make an example like this - and then
verify that it can be run and will exhibit the behavior you
are asking about.  (And mention the platform.)

	Donn Cave, donn at

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