gnus/nnml to mbox converter with python

Adrian Aichner adrian at
Sun Aug 12 15:48:37 CEST 2001

>>>>> "Ulf" == Ulf Kister <ulf.kister at> writes:

    Ulf> Hi,

    Ulf> I am considering writing a tool to convert mails out of the
    Ulf> gnus/nnml mailspool format to ordinary mbox format (with
    Ulf> python).

    Ulf> Before rolling up the sleeves I wanted to know if something
    Ulf> similar has been done before.

You'll be glad you asked!

Gnus can do this for you.

Check this one out:

(Info-goto-node "(gnus)Mail Group Commands")

In particular:

`B r'
     Respool the mail article (`gnus-summary-respool-article').
     `gnus-summary-respool-default-method' will be used as the default
     select method when respooling.  This variable is `nil' by default,
     which means that the current group select method will be used
     instead.  Marks will be preserved if GNUS-PRESERVE-MARKS is
     non-`nil' (which is the default).

    Ulf> tia, Ulf

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