Question about indentation and bugs

Tim Peters at
Sun Aug 26 06:19:54 CEST 2001

[Terry Reedy]
> ...
> You example reminded me of a different use for variable indentaton:
> outlines, such as I did in school.  (Yes, some styles uses letters and
> numbers to redundantly indicate depth, but not all do.)  I wonder if
> the people who do not like semantic indents might be people who did not
> like doing outlines in school.

Interesting observation!  I still write todo lists and project plans as
indented outlines (sans redundant markers), and writing Python code felt
utterly natural the first time I tried it -- except for the trailing colon
on block openers.  That took 15 minutes to get used to, and for some
unfathomable reason I never forgot one after my first Python day, yet I
haven't adopted the same convention for other outlining purposes.

Hmm.  The idea that someone could dislike outlining is so foreign to me I'd
be hard pressed to consider such a one human.

    y'rs  - tim

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