Trouble with Tk buttons

Joseph Andrew Knapka jknapka at
Tue Aug 21 18:57:36 CEST 2001

David AraSmith wrote:
> I have a small program that I am writing to help me
> learn Tk. Basicly, I have a frame (inside another
> frame)with grid layout that has 2 buttons on the first
> row. When you click on one button, another row of
> buttons appear (in row 2). The same thing happens when
> you click the second button but they replace the first
> second row and vice versa. My problem is that when the
> second button is pressed and the "new" second row is
> displayed, the original second row still shows if the
> text is longer.

Are you sure? Your code seems to work fine; I tried it
on Linux and Windows NT, using Python 2.1.1.

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