Downloading alpha releases; a good idea?

Neil Schemenauer nas at
Thu Aug 23 23:07:49 CEST 2001

Jesse W wrote:
> I am a hobby user of Python.
> How unstable are alpha releases?

Usually very stable.  However, if you are using Python for an important
application it's better to stick to the latest stable release.

> I now have Python 2.0 and am thinking about updating.  Should I go to
> 2.1(.1, of course), wait for 2.2 final, or get 2.2.a2 which is out
> now?  And if I go with 2.1.1 should I update to 2.2 final when it
> comes out?

If you have time, please give 2.2a2 a try.  If you can, download the
source and try building it.  Run the standard test suite.  Try running
your own applications.  Python's test suite is substantial but it's
nothing compared to all the other code out there.  Play with the new
features.  2.2 has some pretty nifty changes and Guido is still looking
for feedback.

Testing alpha and beta releases is an easy way to support Python


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