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Jeff Shannon jeff at
Fri Aug 24 20:25:54 CEST 2001

Paul Rubin wrote:

> kosh <kosh at> writes:
> > The irc one I can think of some good uses for. I had a program at one time
> > that would watch stuff on an irc server then alert me to things of interest.
> > pinging can be very useful since you can write a script to make sure your
> > various computers are up. If one goes down you can spawn off a task to
> > notify you. However the others are far less useful.
> I followed the irc discussion with some interest.  I like the idea of
> a full featured GUI-fied irc client written in Python.  It's a fairly
> natural Python application.

Actually, I like the idea too.  It's something that's going on my list of projects
to work on, someday, when I have time... (yeah, right.)  Of course, I know enough
to not commit to anything without having read through the relevant RFC's and such
first...   ;)   So, I've been bookmarking all the ref's that have been given
out.   It does sound like an interesting mid-sized (for one person) project....

Jeff Shannon
Credit International

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