Writeing new files

eber kain eberkain at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 31 18:08:27 CEST 2001

> Create() is coming out of Blender.Draw.
> I've downloaded Blender and am trying to look at the problem, but it doesn't
> seem to work on my system very well.
> Eber, grab the following file:
>   http://www.blender.nl/resource/python/blends/console.zip
> Open the file, erase the contents of the top window, and put this in its
> place:
> ---
> import Blender
> from Blender.Draw import *
> print 'test'
> name=Create('Name')
> print 'Name'
> print Name
> ---
> Then play it and report back.

OK, as is it would not run, and returns an error

no variable named Name in line 7

if I change Name to name then it runs and prints this


I dont doubt that the problem is with Create, but there is no easy way
to get to it seeing how blender is just an exe with no external files.

For now ill just use

file = Open('name.btv',"w")

and rename the file manually after its created

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