Adding print-style function calls, and preproc plugins

Alex Martelli aleax at
Thu Aug 30 12:24:15 CEST 2001

"Tim Hammerquist" <tim at> wrote in message
news:slrn9os305.3el.tim at
> > IIRC VB (yuk!) can do something similar. But then, VB is possibly the
> > *worst* kind of advocacy possible.
> Yes. VB functions (that return a value) _do_ require parens around the
> arguments. VB subs (that *don't* return a value) do _not_ require parens.
> OTOH, in this case, the parse just assumes everything from the sub name
> to EOL are arguments. Very little ambiguity.

Note that this is one of the places where Visual Basic is
undergoing backwards-incompatible changes (most of which,
funny enough, move VB in the direction of making it a little
bit closer to Python!-): in VB7 (aka VB.NET), parentheses
_will_ be needed (I assume/guess there will be migration-
help tools that rewrite existing VB6 sources -- this one is
easy compared to many other of the incompatible changes).


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