Window NT: need to allow client to make system call via CGI script

David Bolen db3l at
Thu Aug 30 02:26:45 CEST 2001

TerryByrne1963 at (Terry Byrne) writes:

> Right now, users on our intranet (production managers at a publishing
> company) fill out an HTML form according to varying production needs.
> Based on their input, an existing Python CGI script builds a DOS batch
> file to run some time-consuming processes on the server.

If your Python CGI script is capable of opening up a file in the local
filesystem within which to write the DOS batch commands, then the odds
are good that you aren't completely security limited - or else you
wouldn't even be able to do that.

It would still help to know more about the environment (what actual
web server, etc...).  If it's IIS, you might try checking out your CGI
configuration and/or NTFS permission (if your filesystem is NTFS) on
the directory in question to see if you've enabled execute rights for
normal executables (and not just scripts).

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